HELEN VENIZELOUThe first generation

The small shop opened its door for the first time in 1850 on PENTELIS & MITROPOLEOS in the center of Athens and it was the first shop of handmade viennese wickerwork in Greece. The reason was a trip of Helen Venizelou at Austria accompanying her brother who was a doctor. When she visited Anna Daum's cafe in Vienna which was furnished with viennese chairs THONET No4 she was amazed. So she brought to Greece the first drawings and materials needed and so a magical journey began that is continued to this date...

SPIRIDON - ZOI VENIZELOUThe second generation

Next to Helen, her youngest son along with his wife mastered the art.

When Spiridon and Zoi succeeded Helen, they breathed new life into the shop. The Venizelos' family wove the wickerwork of the best furniture factories at the time, such as "GEO", "Athinaios and Varagkis", "Kafouros". Also, they wove the wickerwork of viennese furniture factory "GEOERGIADI - SEKERI" for their participation in the world exhibition of Paris which was honored. This cooperation was continued for many years...

APOSTOLOS AND ZOIThe third generation

Spiridon was succeeded by his only daughter Zoi and her husband Apostolos. The undertook - apart from the preservation of the furniture of many athenian families - the repair and preservation of the furniture of hotel "Grande Bretagne", National Bank of Greece, later on of the military court, General Chemical State Laboratory, casino of Parnitha and many others.

ZOITSAThe forth generation

The great-granddaughter of Helen Venizelou left in her desk's drawer the Bachelor of French philology and in recent years she is committed exclusively in maintaining this family tradition, repairing and preserving all old wickerwork furniture coming to the shop from all around Greece.

ANTONISThe fifth generation

The youngest member of the family, son of Zoitsa, divides his time between National Technical University of Athens - studying in the School of Mechanical Engineering - and the shop where he is initiated in the secrets of the art of his anchestors...